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Bang Bang

Bang Bang

We have been so excited to get back to the studio for our new album, and what has made everything…

SOMD Sun & Music Festival

SOMD Sun & Music Festival

Thank you everyone who came out to the Sun & Music Festival in Prince Frederick!! Our friend Mike Batson Photography…

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What People Are Saying
  • The entire layout of [Darkness Hides Me] is perfect. The interlude, the hook, chorus, and lyrics together constructed the perfect song. Could this song make it to number 1 on the Billboard charts? Most definitely.

  • The music has the sound and energy to captivate crowds around the world because of its authentic rock quality. Deer Park Avenue is a band that has their own sound and songs that speak to people beyond niche demographics. They deliver what the rock world has traditionally craved: tuneful, meaningful rock.

  • ‘Waiting For You’ actually makes me ponder how the Gaslight Anthem would have sounded if Brian Fallon had been born female? The chorus to this nugget is infectious, the guitars upbeat making it a near perfect pop-rock song.

  • What grabs my attention? Multiple singers, self-penned material, and strong hooks in the chorus or the bridge. Deer Park Avenue…certainly fits the bill with their latest CD, Stop and Go. It is a bewitching collection of eight wise-beyond-their-years rock and roll songs.

  • Their power-pop-rock songs, fueled by Sarah’s guitar and her electric presence, were producing a totally radio-friendly melodic rock with a light dash of punk attitude (may be like a Green Day female touch), immediately engaging people in foot-tapping or hand-clapping.

  • Deer Park Avenue’s latest EP is a raw and engaging ball of energy. It’s one of those records that almost feels like it was recorded at a live show because it is a bit unpolished, gritty and full of emotion and earnest deliveries.

  • Think Sixpence None the Richer meets Green Day – in some strange and wonderful universe.

  • What makes Deer Park Avenue unique is they have a similar ethic that the Beatles championed, which is the idea that every song matters and that every song has its own unique identity, as opposed to music that sounds copied from another artist.

  • Bursting with talent, Deer Park Avenue is one of those bands that will be around for a long time to come.

Our song Jolene is trending on ReverbNation! Click here to listen.